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2021 color of the year: sage

for as long as i can remember, i've had my own, "color of the year." you may be familiar with this concept because a lot of magazines determine the color of the year or season based on trends they see on the runways. my color of the year is a bit different, however. it has very little to do with the major runways.

it inspires my wardrobe, my mood, my interior design. it's so much more than just my favorite color; it's a color that sets the tone for the year. 2021 is no different.

i realize we're four months into 2021 now, but my color of the year isn't limited to being released in december or january like many magazines do. i usually need a feel for the year before i can decide.

if you remember, 2020's color of the year was hermès orange (earlier today i reminded you all with this roundup of things i found throughout the year that were that color). i had a lot of fun incorporating the color into my interior design, and think those items are here to stay for a bit longer (although i would love to take my interior design in a baby pink direction at least once before mr. right comes along). 2019 was tawny port, and, after careful thought, the color of 2021 is sage.

frosted, nautical, feminine, cool, sage is a bit of a pastel-khaki throwback color. i'm thinking sage will be found a bit more in my wardrobe than my interior design this year. i already have my eyes on a few sage-colored items! here are a few:

i've rounded up some of my favorite sage-colored items on this blog post, as well as on this Pinterest board. keep an eye out for sage tones throughout the year! towards the end of the year, i'll be sure to show you guys all of the sage-colored things i found!


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