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2022 color of the year: moonstone

somewhere between powder blue and lilac purple, warm and cool, moonstone is a complex but inviting color. it gives me a nostalgic sense to the 2010s (i'll never stop being cheugy), and even the 1980s' bright pastels.

the gentrification of crystals into mainstream culture (a begrudging fact for me) has you probably able to close your eyes and picture the iridescent color of moonstone, and maybe a little perplexed at which color exactly from the opal-like stone I mean.

admittedly, this color first caught my eye in an ad for a dog harness on instagram several months ago, and ever since i've really been hooked on the idea of this being the color of the year for 2022. as i was researching pictures for this post, it was almost impossible to come up with anything other than pictures of crystals when i had searched, "moonstone." it was all the more clear to me that this blog post was pertinent to the internet! i had to really think outside the box to find the right hue of blue-purple i meant, and ended up searching for mostly periwinkle. surprisingly enough, periwinkle is pantone's color of the year for 2022! it wasn't enough to deter me from the shade being the color of the year, though. moonstone is a bit more of a pastel, warm purple-y blue than periwinkle in my mind, and so i'm drawing a difference between the two - and hoping to set this post apart from some of pantone's diehard fans who may have moodboards full of periwinkle. okay, not mentioning that word again in this post!

moonstone, i think, looks amazing in context with a lot of other colors; as a pop against neutrals (including black and white), set in with the fiery warm yellows and reds that you would also see reflecting back in a true moonstone crystal, or even side by side with the color of the year for 2021, sage.

the latter half of 2021 was quite astronomical for me; i met my boyfriend. we had our first conversations about the moon and planets beyond the hill that my dad's restaurant sits atop, and had our first date set beneath the stars just a few miles away from there. not long after, we created our own full moon celebration in miami, which had gorgeous moonstone hues in the sky as the sun set over downtown miami (not sure if I should release this viewing location to the public or not...). i even read his tarot and he pulled,

"the lovers," card!

speaking of metaphysics, moonstone moonstone (you know, the crystal), has some really inspiring qualities. check them out here, here, and here. basically, it's a stone which awakens feminine energy, enables protection, and facilitates bettering yourself - all things I'm working a bit more on this year. when i met my boyfriend, getting in touch with my feminine energy was something i wanted to work on more. i'm a bit skeptical of the metaphysical benefits of crystals now, but i'm willing to try carrying around a moonstone crystal or wearing some moonstone jewelry. the belief that they could help could give you the benefits you're looking for. after all, the power of thought is stronger than any stone!

dress - lingerie - nail varnish - deodorant scrubber - jacket - jeans - bed sheets - lipstick scrunchie - water bottle - shrug - candle

as always, the full moonstone moodboard can be found here on my pinterest, which includes a lot of shoppable links. keep your eyes peeled this year for moonstone-colored things in everyday life and please send me anything you guys find! i'll be sure to post what you and i find later this year in another blog post!


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